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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 21, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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particularly, the bulk of the activity will come later on. you can see little stuff coming across maryland now. heavy snow and sleet. and some rain. across the extreme southern sections. but by the time it gets to our region, temperatures are continuing to fall. we're down to 38. some reports already across northern maryland, down to 32 right now in westminster. and what that means is we are going to see accumulating snow. take a look at the warnings and advisories. they go into effect this evening, from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. we have a winter storm warning in effect. for all of the areas including baltimore, harford county, cecil county, down through the eastern shore. and anne arundel county and the city on west. that means the potential for heavy snow in those regions, later this evening into your drive this morning. south of the region, lesser amounts of snow, meaning not quite as much. but still, can cause driving issues, even across southern portions of our region. tim has a look at our storm and how much we can expect across the region. >> as bob mentioned, down to the south and portions of the
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state is where we expect the lighter intensities. right now, across much of maryland, we have seen varying intensities of sleet and wind. we expect to be more consistent. what you're seeing there, more of a rain-snow mix across part of the state. we did have across the mason- dixon line, more pink, which meant more sleet and frozen precip. temperatures about 9:00 to midnight, we'll see more and more of that blue and pink. and less and less ever that green -- of that green. this is how it shapes up. we're looking at 5 to 8 inches of snow primarily from garrett and allegheny county, moving on into the area near hagerstown. from that point, to cecil county and down toward the northern tip of the beltway, to montgomery and howard. we're looking at 4 to 7 inches of snow. down to the southern edge of the beltway and down toward
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anne arundel county, and approaching talbot county and iron shore, 2 to 4. and lesser amount toward patuxent river and ocean city. we expect these continues -- conditions to change here. around 9:00. but bob will have your forecast. the state is taking no chances when it comes to the storm. crews are hitting standby. >> we are expecting the start of rain this evening. and then it will turn over to frozen precipitation tonight. we're ready for it. we will have all of our forces deployed. and we'll work through the night to make sure that we have this ready for the morning hour. >> make sure to tune in tomorrow morning. don and marty will have the updated forecast. any closings or delays and the traffic conditions. good news for fire crews across the state. they have been working nonstop, combatting wind-whipped wildfires over the weekend. wjz is live in anne arundel county. derek valcourt has more.
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>> reporter: the fires are long gone. but the smell of smoke is still thick in the air here. and there are a lot of families tonight here in odenton here that are counting their blessing. from sky eye chopper 13, you can see the blackened ground in odenton. brush fires fanned by saturday's strong winds, scorched some 600 acres. monday, a little less but smoke for the curious drivers who came to see the aftermath for themselves. >> i'm really shocked to see the destruction of the area. >> reporter: but roger anderson saw it all. >> it's like, man, if there is a gate to hell, here it is. >> reporter: firefighters coming within 30 yards before anne arundel county firefighters were able to stop it. >> firefighters and the neighbors and friends and family, they come in here. and they did what they had to do to keep what little bit i got here. so i thank everybody. >> we lost a lot of sleep that night. never went to sleep. >> reporter: jennifer wheeling is still in shock over how fast
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the flames surrounded her building. >> i had a panic attack inside the house. there was nothing i could do. i had to let the men do their job. they did a great job. >> reporter: she credits firefighters with saving her house, even though they did lose a huge barn, a shed and more than 12 vehicles parked on her property. >> reporter: with so much gone to cover, firefighters say they may never know where or how the fire started. meanwhile, the light rain that is falling now and the snow expected tonight will go a long way in making sure that all of the hot spots, the little flareups and smolderings that are still happening, cease for the next day or so. so we're live out here in odenton. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> this weekend's brush fires consume more than a thousand acres in prince george's county. and several hundred in montgomery county. luckily, nobody was hurt in any of the brush fires. it is an unthinkable crime. a baby, barely more than a year
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old, beaten to death. and now, his killer is sentenced. kai is in the newsroom with more on this. >> cameron williams barely had a chance to live. he died a violent death. his mother's boyfriend, brian savage, was sentenced to 30 years in prison. prosecutors say the 22-year-old beat the child while taking care of him, while the boy's mother was at work. in december, a baltimore jury found savage guilty of second- degree murder. >> 30 years was the maximum sentence possible in this case. family members of a baltimore police officer shot and killed by fellow officers are alarmed by the pace of the internal investigation. and say maybe federal agents step in. wjz has more. mike hellgren has the first public answers. many of officer torbit's family members say they want answers in this investigation that they feel are long overdue.
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>> we -- -- [ shouting ] >> reporter: almost 100 marched where the officer was shot, responding to a massive fight. to police headquarters and onto city hall, wanting to send a strong message, they say, over the speed of the investigation into the respected officer's death. >> what investigation? they haven't told us anything. >> torbit was in plain clothes lathat night. according to police, he became overwhelmed in that crowd, shot and killed another man, then four other officers who did not know cor -- torbit was one of their own, fired. torbit's sister. >> if i put him to rest, that's not saying it's over. it's not. not giving us any closure. >> reporter: the family is particularly upset the investigation is taking longer than promised. listen to what commissioner bealefeld said on january 10th.
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>> i'm optimistic that we'll be able to provide a full review in the next three weeks. >> that was six weeks ago. today, the police department is focused on providing a thorough review. >> think about if it was your daughter, you know what i'm saying? you would want some type of answer. >> reporter: police say they have yet to receive the full autopsy report. but torbit's family feels they have been left out of the loop. >> it's about the media family. -- the immediate family, to have some answers in what happened in this massacre here. >> reporter: and the death of officer torbit has changed the way that plain clothed officers are deployed in the city. reporting live at city hall. mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. vic? >> mike, thank you. torbit spent eight years on the force. standoff. no signs of the budget battle. cash-strapped states across the nation, including maryland, are
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watching the situation closely. and manuel gallegus reports for wjz from madison. >> reporter: thousands of wisconsin workers came out in the bitter cold for day 7 of their bitter standoff with the republican governor. >> reporter: an overflow crowd rallied outside the capital, where governor scott walker has made clear he's not backing down from his proposal to end collective bargaining rights for most public employees. >> for us, it's about balancing the budget. all of these other political stories are really kind of a side show. >> reporter: union leaders say they have already agreed to cuts in worker pay. but they intend to keep pressure on the governor, as he intends to limit their right to negotiate benefits and working conditions. >> i'm out here to support our public workers and teachers. >> reporter: for now, any final vote is still on hold. the state's republican leader says that they won't take any action until democratic senators return here to the capital. and those senators want middle ground. >> there is such a thing as
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compromise. the governor needs to be part of that. >> reporter: one republican lawmaker is proposing a compromise that would take away collective bargaining rights for only two years to get through the state's next budget. but if they lose this fight, protestors pledge to hold every lawmaker accountable. >> this isn't just against unions remember it's against working people. every one of these senators and representatives represent people, working people. >> reporter: governor walker insists he is following through with his own campaign promise, to fix wisconsin's projected $3.6 billion budget problem. >> reporter: manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, teachers' collective bargaining rights are also being targeted in idaho, indiana, and other states. it first hit the drawing boards 50 years ago. this evening, the first half of the intercounty connector is ready for rush hour. as eyewitness news reports, rush hour is when the icc will be making most of its money in tolls.
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>> reporter: the first five and a half miles of the intercounty connector is finished, linking interstate 370, with georgia avenue. but the icc's only traffic was made of people heading for the ribbon cutting. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: the icc opens to traffic on wednesday. 21,000 cars a day are expected. >> the new icc stretch cuts the drive from shady grove metro to georgia avenue from 22 minutes, to get this, seven empties. >> reporter: this -- seven empties. >> reporter: this is maryland's first all-electronic toll road. they will do the collections off of ez pass only. >> during the peak travel times, the toll rate is $1.45. during off peak, it's $1.15. during the overnight periods, it's 60 cents. >> reporter: that might put a damper on some of the commutes. but by the time it finishes, 4500 jobs will have built it. >> important.
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kept us busy for the last three years, you know. >> reporter: kept the paychecks coming? >> yes. exactly. exactly. >> reporter: not that everyone sees the road as progress. >> this road is an abomination. deforestation. wetlands removed. streams and creeks. >> reporter: but the ic c's planners claim newly-planted trees, treme rest -- treme restoration. >> when we decided to build it, we wanted to build it well. >> reporter: alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> the first section of the icc opens wednesday morning at 6:00 a.m. no tolls will be charged for the first two weeks. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. breast cancer breakthrough. using stem cells to help women recover and regain their confidence by growing new breast tissue. the anne arundel county sheriff's office. training for a real-life mass shooting. we'll take you to the action coming up. high drama on the high
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seas. more americans hijacked by pirates. are their lives in danger? and sky eye chopper 13 shows you sleet is starting to fall. stick around for the updated first warning forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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drama on the high seas. another high-profile hijacking. this time, four americans are hijacked on the yacht. the navy is reportedly in hot pursuit. >> the u.s. navy is reportedly shadowing a hijacked american yacht off the coast of somalia.
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pirates hijacked the quest friday. >> obviously very high-risk strategy. very small boats. >> the yacht owners, jean and scott adam, are from southern california. they're being held along with two passengers. phyllis mckay and bob riggle. the adams have been chronicling their journey on their website. friends say the group were sailing in a couple of boats for safety reasons. but at some point, they decided to break apart and go it alone. >> it was scary. we knew there were groups operating in that area. >> reporter: the adams have been sailing around the world since 2004 distributing bibles. in their home town of santa monica, friends are pay practicing for them. >> jean was a very kind woman, very generous, very faith- filled. >> reporter: pirates are in the area where the hijacking took place. estimates vary, about you it's believed pirates hold about 31 vessels and about 700 hostages.
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>> piracy has become a major industry in somalia, filling really a vacuum of a state that really can't provide economic opportunity. >> the latest comes after they were sentenced to court. in that case, navy sharpshooters killed two pirates and rescued the ship's captain. it's not clear what if anything the nailitary will -- military will do. if the yacht make its to somalia's shores, the hostage will be taken inland, making a fast resolution, less likely. high stakes terror drills. during the nation's largest anti-terrorism exercise. navy installations across the u.s. will participate in the drill, from tuesday to friday. it will give military leaders a snapshot of readiness as the 10th anniversary of the 11th attacks nears. preparing for the worst.
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that is the objective of a high- stakes training exercise in annapolis. as the anne arundel county sheriff's office simulates what would happen if a gunman were on the loose. >> a team of anne arundel county sheriff's deputies descend on the vip parking garage in the county courthouse. they're learning how to respond to a mass shooting. >> this situation is an active shooter training. active shooter doesn't have the luxury of calling in a s.w.a.t. team. it's right here, right now. >> reporter: and extremely realistic. two deputies play the bad guy. the others maneuver in the dark, trying to take them down. >> reporter: we had to duck behind vehicles as the armed vehicles stretched in protective gear, fired away. >> actually using simulated rounds like this. they're real casings. but they travel extremely fast, 400 feet a second. >> reporter: deputy don nicollettey was shot multiple
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times. >> even with the vest on, you get hit in the arms. the hands hurt the worst. it will break skin and you'll bleed a little bit. but it's worth it. >> reporter: all nine scenarios include a victim who is crying out in pain. not only a distraction but a lesson in priorities. >> when you have an active shooter, you need to get to them as soon as possible or more people are going to die. unfortunately, that's what happens, you have to leave the injured behind until you can get the situation rectified and go back for the injured. >> reporter: this training was modeled after real-life tragedies, including columbine and the virginia tech massacre. >> and today's training lasted four hours. >> adam remained so calm through that entire thing. good job, adam. it's going to get very stormy later this evening. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. three days ago, we were in the 70s. tonight, we'll be in the upper 20s to low 30s.
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big, radical change and a messy storm headed our way. we're down to 37. north/northeast winds at 12. come back and take a look at the winter storm warning. ,,,,,,
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. a rough ride for one driver. it went into the ice, into the lake. >> not expecting that here. but we're going to get it to be a mess tomorrow, bob. >> particularly, midnight to like 6:00, 7:00 a.m. some areas for the morning drive, going to be very slow going. that's for sure. even though the streets are rather warm right now. later on, as it gets colder, we're going to have a layer of sleet or ice forming. on top of that, we'll have snow. conditions -- conditions will get worse as the evening progresses. just north of the city, already reports of 32-degree temps. already 29 in hagerstown. 32 in cumberland, oakland. 37 here. in baltimore metro, across the northern tier, low to mid-30s. although just got a report parkton, union mills down to 32. and they've had a little light
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snow in the last hour or two. and north of bel air, temperatures around 32, 33. with snow reported in the last hour or two. a little light rain. let's take a look at some rain and winds, with how much snow we expect by tomorrow morning, when it ends. maybe even 9 or 10 in the mountains. 47, generally from the city in the beltway up to the p.a. line. 2 to 4 south. tell be mixed with rain or sleet early. and some of that is going to melt. but i think some areas could easily see 3 to 4 inches. or on the lawn, an inch or less. take a look at the winds once again. they're beginning to shift more to the north. and that is allowing colder air to filter in. we've dropped like two degrees. that's significant because right across the pa border, there's light snow and temperatures right at the freezing mark. that's what we're looking to head our way. first wave caused a little snow
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and sleet across northern sections of pennsylvania. and some areas picked up pretty good amounts. now, see that rain band? but all across pennsylvania for the most part. and new jersey, approaching in the form of snow. a little light rain to the south. it is a bit of a break here. but the bulk of this will come later this evening. and we could see heavy amounts overnight. maybe even a little thundersnow. it's possible. tomorrow afternoon, sunshine and things clear out. north winds will pick up behind it. tonight, a little mix early on. then snow later. 25 by morning. and during the day tomorrow, we'll see the snow ending quickly in the morning. and then some clearing but cold temps in the afternoon only around 34. tomorrow night, we're back in the teens, as the winds die down with clear skies. it will be a cold, cold start to your wednesday. but a warmup after that. >> thank you, bob. make sure you tune in to 4:30 a.m. we'll have the latest on
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forecasts and closings or delays. and the latest traffic conditions. wjz's black history oratory contest brings out some of the best and brightest. this year's winner says her speech came right from the heart. >> reporter: before a packed house, 20 students compete for scholarships in wjz's 19th annual black history oratory contest. >> our community commitment campaign throughout the year honors a select group of people, places and things that help make our community in baltimore and maryland great. >> reporter: hosted by wjz's own kai jackson, students gave speeches on one of three quotes from inspirational african americans. >> the winner of the 2011 black history oratory contest is talin holden. >> it makes me feel good. it makes me feel like my words mean something. >> byron pitts had his shares of ups and downs as a youth.
6:26 pm
became beloved author, journalist, team member and is the current national correspondent chief for cbs news, with katie couric. >> caitlin holden, a senior at the center for arts and technology, chose a quote by cbs correspondent byron pitts. >> why did that appeal to you specifically? >> i liked that there was no stepping stones by byron pitts. >> do you believe that? >> extremely. because any situation you go through, negative or positive, it's what you make of it. >> reporter: she won a $1,000 scholarship and other great gifts. >> your obstacles aren't tragedies, but prepare for the way for a rise in stronger future. >> i didn't try to make it too personal because i didn't want it to be about me. i wanted it to be about the quote and make sure that everyone can relate to it. >> she will attend the college of notre dame in the fall.
6:27 pm
she plans to study mass communications. >> afterwards, she's going to be taking your or my job, i'm sure. >> i know. move over. make room. tiana coleman took home third place. still to come on wjz's eyewitness news. chaos across the middle east. the push for democratic reform spreads to new nations and sparked a violent crackdown. the tv crew attacked by an angry group of people. find out why. and snow days. the midwest slammed by another storm that is now moving towards maryland. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 6:30. 37 degrees, with some sleet in the region. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz. here are some stories people are going to be talking about tonight. a winter storm warning for much of maryland. a live look outside right now. at any hour, the snow could start falling and it could be heavy at times. so just how much will it get and will it get nasty?
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let's check in with tim williams and bob turk. >> radar showing heavy echoes now. across western maryland. it's only a matter of time before it moves across the mountains. in fact, heavy reports in johnstown p.a. but when temperatures change. that's when we expect the change from sleet or rain. it can be heavy overnight. some areas could easily pick up an inch or two in an hour in some locations. because of that, we have a warning going into effect. from tonight, through tomorrow morning, for all of northern maryland, it's a winter storm warning, south of the region, lesser amounts, but still a winter weather advisory for you folks across southern areas. tim has a look at what we expect, generally with the storm over the next 8 to 12 hours. >> generally, we're going to see conditions deteriorate. we've seen some winds out here. right now, what we're dealing with is not so much of mix yet. but we have some light rain out
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here. but again, as temperatures drop and we start to see some rain turning over to snow that sleet will turn over to rain. that will be more of the transition that we see more of. as far as our accumulations across the state, from the bottom to the top of your screen, less than 1 inch or so nsouthern eastern shore, down toward ocean city. start to move up toward anne arundel county and across parts of the lower beltway. we'll start to see two to four inches of snow. from cecil county over to frederick county and the eastern edge of washington out near hagerstown. 4 to 7 inches. that also encompasses the area right up and down the 83 stretch toward the harrisburg expressway. and 5 to 8 inches out in garrett and allegheny counties. again, all of that is going to make for a very messy commute. we'll keep you posted on all of this. for more, we'll send it back inside. >> no holiday for people living in the midwest. from michigan, to minnesota to wisconsin, up to a foot of snow
6:33 pm
in some places. randall pinkston reports on the mess. >> ice jams formed water out of the basin of the rich. flooding homes and cars. >> within an hour, the water was coming into the living room and inside the house. >> reporter: despite the damage, no one was hurt. while people there worry about more flooding, other negligence the midwest and northern plains are digging out today. a winter storm left minnesota, wisconsin, michigan and the dakotas, buried in about a foot of snow. in south dakota, part of interstate 29 remains closed because of the weather. in wisconsin, winter seems far from over. >> you always think, this is the year we're going to get the early spring. early spring, had the ground hog see his shadow and whatever it is, but it is never right. >> reporter: strong winds are adding to the danger. officials are urging drivers to stay off the roads. fortunately, the traffic is lighter than usual, since it's a holiday. >> i want to fly away to see my
6:34 pm
baby ♪ >> reporter: in minnesota, airlines canceled more than 100 flights. >> reporter: just a few inches of snow fell here in new york city. not a lot. but enough to make it the fourth snowiest winter in the city's history. >> reporter: boston also missed the brunt of the storm. but parts of new jersey got as much as 8 inches. >> i shoveled like six of my neighbor's driveways. >> reporter: we're stuck with winter and spring is still a month away. randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> and be sure to tune in, beginning at 4:30 tomorrow morning. don and marty will have the updated forecast. any closings or delays and the dleatest traffic conditions. -- latest traffic conditions. bloodshed in baltimore county. police are hard at work, trying to solve two murders. mary is in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: they doubled the number of honds -- homicides so far this year. one man was found dead in parkville on sunday. police were on the scene for several hours, searching for clues. on saturday, a man was shot to
6:35 pm
death in lansdowne. police have not yet released the victim's name. there are no suspects in custody at this point either. >> the murders are the third and the fourth of 2011 in baltimore county. baltimore city police are asking for your help to keep an eye out for a missing man. tyrone dukes walked away from an assisted living facility in northwest baltimore, saturday afternoon. he is mentally challenged and only knows his name. duke was last seen wearing a blue coat, plaid shirt and jeans. if you see him, please call 911. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. how unions in maryland are closely watching the events in wisconsin. the fight brewing over the undeveloped parts of richie highway. and the baltimore green currency association is about to unveil the b note. what you can use it for. for all of these stories and much more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast. from the first warning weather team. breakthrough technology, helping patient with breast
6:36 pm
cancer. in tonight's healthwatch report, it is a stem cell procedure that helps patients grow new stem cell tissue. charlie d'agata reports. doctors are using the experimental treatments. >> british researchers are using stem cells to help women who had mastectomies to regrow breast tissues. >> you're talking about an advance to him these women, psychologically as well. >> reporter: researchers inject stem cells and fat from other parts of the body. blood is also butterfly of pumped -- also pumped in to feed the cells. new breast tissue is expected to grow within six months to a year. >> reporter: doctors call the results very impressive. they've successfully treated several patients in the past months. >> reporter: patients say the results look better and feel more comfortable than implants.
6:37 pm
but experts caution this is still experimental. >> the biggest factor to consider is the cells that consider the fat cells and stem cells to grow and take the form of a human breast, potentially could also stimulate cancer cells. >> reporter: doctors say they won't use the technique on women until they have been cancer-free for at least a year. research is ongoing in multiple countries, including the u.s., but the fda has not yet aproved the technique. now, even without fda approval, some doctors in the u.s. are already using this technology for cosmetic surgery. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. bulldozer on a rampage? major damage. but there's no one at the controls. family drama. why a man opens fire at one of italy's largest international airports. a snowy storm overnight. then the sun comes back. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. and wjz is always on. here are the top stories at
6:38 pm at this hour. for updates on the day's news, and the updated forecast, log onto ,,,,,,,,,,,, ♪ come and cuddle by the fire in the evening ♪
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♪ we'll forget about the snow and rain ♪ ♪ while the skies are storming ♪ your arms will warm me ♪ it's winter again ♪ it's so thrilling when it's chilly in the winter ♪ ♪ and the frost is on the window pane ♪ ♪ hear the sleigh bells ringing ♪ ♪ my heart is singing [ female announcer ] don't you just love february? why not get away on a cruise from baltimore? book today at a wild shootout in an inal -- italian airport. the man was trying to keep his wife from getting on a plane.
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after he smashed into the airport, he pulled out a knife. that's when officers shot him in the foot. police briefly evacuated the terminal. but flights are back on now. libyan protestors are threatening to topple their repressive ruler. joel brown reports for wjz on the growing violence. >> amateur video shows protestors in libya, planning their own flag of independence on top of a government building in the capital of tripoli. demonstrators say they've taken control of ben ghazi, libya's second largest city. gunfire rang out under the burglary of car horns and chanting crowds, as protestors celebrated. the revolt is the biggest threat yet, in the impressive 32-year of moammar moammar gadhafi. two libyan officials landed in nearby malta, seeking asylum. the pilots claim they were ordered to fire on sight.
6:42 pm
libya's army will enforce security at any price but pledged to consider reforms. libya's crackdown on protestors has left more than 200 people dead. >> reporter: the white house is pressing libya to avoid violence, as the administration keeps a close watch on the unrest that is spreading across the region. >> reporter: in yemen, the u.s.- backed president still refuses to step down, even as thousands of demonstrators rally for his resignation. and after a week of protest in bahrain, tensions are still boiling. now, a young group of protestors is demanding a restructure of the entire monarchy. back in libya, the chaos has sparked large-scale evacuations. the u.s. state department has ordered all nonessential workers out of the country, with no end in sight to the violence. in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. some private companies like bp
6:43 pm
sent boats and planes to libya, to take workers out of the country. a tragic accident rocks a florida community. hundreds of students gathered today in their school in riverview, to remember 16-year- old brook coates. the teen was killed in a bull riding accident. friends say she took up the sport within the last year. counselors were at the school to help distraught students. caught on tape, a television crew in sacramento were tacked by a mob, while trying to tape a vigil by the friends. the photographer and the reporter are okay. they were outside a restaurant where the victim was killed. the group also threatened a newspaper photographer and another television crew. police are looking at the video to determine if any charges need to be filed. and in texas, one home was destroyed and another damaged by a runaway bulldozer. neighbors reported the machine started up and began crashing through the homes. they said it finally stopped when someone broke out the rear
6:44 pm
window and got inside to turn it off. police are trying to determine if it was a freak accident or whether it was intentionally turned on. no one was injured in the end. >> i'm guessing intentionally turned on. >> sounds like it. harry smith has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening snooze. -- news. turmoil in libya. protests continue. will gadhafi leave? plus, gastric bypass, versus the lap band? which one gets the best results? and meet the housewife houdini who is embracing the art of escape. those stories and more on cbs evening news. and a reminder, because of the president's day holiday, the stock market was closed today. we'll be right back. ♪
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[ male announcer ] new inventory. ♪ new equipment. new trucks. new hires. ♪ new space. ♪ new markets. achievement seizes new opportunity. ♪ go to to see how we can help your cashflow situation. pnc. for the achiever in us all. another round of winter weather. warm temperatures from last week, just a distant memory. meteorologist tim williams and bob turk will let us know what to expect tomorrow over the next five days. we are are definitely counting it down, one month from today, spring will be here. but in the meantime, we still have winter to talk b. tonight,
6:48 pm
temperatures going down to 30 degrees. and definitely by tonight, around 11:00, when you rejoin us, it will be a different story around here. we'll see more snow. it will taper off by midmorning or so. then we expect do see the sunshine. and temperatures staying in the 30s. right around freezing. dropping into the teens by tomorrow night. for the next five days, we send it in to bob. very rough commute expected. make your plans now. whether your schools are closed or get ready for something pretty nasty in the morning. because it does not look like a good commute. 34. 16 tomorrow night. 40 with sunshine. 50 with partly cloudy skies. a little rain expected friday. 52. and turning cooler again. 40 with sunshine again here on saturday. denise? >> thank you, bob. make sure to tune in beginning again at 4:30. don and marty will have the latest on any forecasts, delays. remember, the 50s are coming again. still ahead. new looking o's are now
6:49 pm
altogether in florida. and mark has the latest in spring training next in sports. ring ring. , progresso.
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don't worry about the snow. somewhere, they're playing baseball. mark is here with the wjz sports report. >> buck showalter took the o's to a movie theater. they watched an o's highlight film. from popcorn to practice, the first full-squad workout was today, all in attendance. we take a look in our masn wjz spring training report. all eyes on the new guy. that includes veteran first baseman derrek lee. also new on the infield, shortstop jj hardy. optimism in the air. another veteran, slugger vlad guerrero. it's a new look. and manager buck showalter took it all in. >> i'm an old fuddy dudy. get out in the center field and breathe a little sigh. and it's good to see, you know, some of the things that peter angelos and andy were able to
6:53 pm
do this off season. and kind of see it on the field. and getting everybody in one place was exciting for everybody. get the first day behind us. get some of the cobwebs and anxiety out. and it will only get better. but it was fun. i was impressed. >> the first spring training exhibition, one week from today. regular season opener, april 1st at tampa bay. tampa is the spring opener. yankees' $200 million payroll. the highest in baseball. team cochairman steinbrenner sounded off on having to pay luxury tax to smaller teams. he says, socialism, communism, whatever you call it, it's not fair. football, the ravens have decided to release running back willis mcgahee, who was under contract for one more season, at a salary of $6 million. ravens didn't comment, though, saying no players will be
6:54 pm
released before march 3rd. another standout performance by the freshman. spectacular midair adjustment on the scoop shot. today, stog land named the conference player of the week. the senior came in with a career night over the pack. 18 points from mount st. joe's high school. terps win 87-80. they will take on florida state, coming up wednesday night in college park. baltimore's carmelo anthony, still the subject of those nba trade talks. nicks, nets, who is it going to be? melo taking part in the all- star game. uses the home court as a personal play. bryant, named all-star mvp. what you don't want is to get hurt. that's a scare for miami's dwyane wade. a sprained ankle, attempting a pass. west is beat. finally, president's day
6:55 pm
racing at laurel park. general george handicap. no advantage on the outside. out front, coming up strong in the middle. no advantage will hold the lead with jockey manuel chachez. stephanie -- chaves. winners with the $150,000 general george at laurel today. not bad. probably not so good tomorrow, from what we hear about the weather. >> no. they may have to hold the right thing tomorrowow,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
don't miss the cbs primetime lineup tonight at 10:00. it's an all- all-new episode of the hit drama, hawaii five-0. >> thanks for watching, wjz's maryland news station. don't go away, there's much more ahead on the cbs evening news with katie couric. including protests in the
6:59 pm
>> smith: tonight, libya's capital erupts. moammar qaddafi cracks down. but that doesn't stop the protests. even some top government officials say it's time for the dictator to go. i'm harry smith. also tonight, mexico's drug war takes another ugly turn. new violence spreads through the tourist hub of acapulco. in the battle against extreme obesity, which surgery gets the best results? a new study has the answer. and the housewife houdini. escape from the cul-de-sac in tonight's "assignment america." captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> smith: good evening, katie is off tonight. few dictators have had the staying power of moammar qaddafi. but in newshour decades of rule, he has never faced a challenge to his authority like this one. protestors filled the streets of tripoli today even


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